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First night with girlfriend.

First time on here so apologies for any retardness. I've been going out with this girl for the past 4 or so weeks but last night was the first time... Show More

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  • It's not bad at all. If you were to not let her finish, then it would be bad. But since you still helped her out, I'm sure she'll appreciate that. You're thinking into it too much.

  • It's not all bad. You could look at it as what the two of you did as more of a precursor to things to come. I don't know how serious you are about the long-term with this girl, but if you are really wanting a long-term relationship with her then I can say that it was probably better that if this would have been the first time you had sex with each other that things happened the way they did. I say this only because most of us don't want the first time we have sex with someone to be while we were intoxicated. It actually sounds like everything went very well so you shouldn't be worried.

    • Thanks, I think it's just bugging me because I see it as some sort of failure on my part to give her what she wants.

      Assuming I manage to not **** it up, I want to take this relationship as far as it'll go.

    • It wasn't a failure on your part. I mean, I understand why you might think that because that is something men are very self-conscious of .. I've had conversations about this topice with male friends of mine in the past so I get it. But you did really good. I don't think you f***ed it up. And hope it's not inappropriate to say this, but it's awesome that you are concerned about pleasing her. That is the mark of good things to come.

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