What does it mean when a guy tells his friends he had sex with you when he really didn't?

Last night I hooked up with this guy at a party. I know him so it wasn't a random thing. but when we came back downstairs everybody cheered and crap but I wasn't going to say anything. then his best friend called me this morning and told me that he told everybody that we had sex.. we didn't though! what does this mean?

soooo he had sex with another chick friday. then last night I went to a party, he was there, I was there, and the girl he had sex with Friday night was there. he went in the bathroom with a diffffferent girl last night, probably had sex. disgusting.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Since everyone cheered they were obviously suggesting you had sex (even though you didnt) he clearly saw it as a chance to say that 'Yeah, we did have sex'. Because people would easily believe that. He probably did it:

    A. Because he is a virgin and people were having a go at him so he felt the need to publicly mention something to stop it.

    B. He thinks you're attractive enough to brag about, for popularity reasons.

    C. His friend could be lying, although I doubt it as he has no reason to, unless he is jealous and likes you himself.