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Why are so many guys on here creeps?

Tons of guys ask me what I'm wearing or very sexual stuff. Any one else have this problem?

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  • If you ever feel uncomfortable with someone you can just block them...then they can't answer comment or rate or message you!

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  • update I am currently sticking to the wall via peanut butter

    • Why are you harrassing this girl? Hopefully an Administrator moves you.

    • Look you little prick f*** off and leave her alone!and by the way calling your self a dude sort of gives us the heads up that your a bellend before we even read what you write

    • What to you mean bellend if your referring to the bell curve I agree I'm always two standard deviations above the mean

  • somtimes when I'm at home alone I like to get peanut butter and put it on my walls and then I see if it can hold me up because its so stickystill hasn't worked

  • im the king of the world

  • you answer sexual questions, maybe your also a creep

    • I'm sure she doesn't message you creepo.

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    • Funny right, I thought so. I crack myself up

    • Lol, he's a bigger creep than smith. who knew a little asian kid named dudeman was so creepy?

  • Yup same problem here.

  • Was this question inspired by the guy asking if any girls would watch him masturbate?

    • I think its from dudeman, look below. He's messaging everyone defending himself even though no one brought up his name... weird..

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    • Question AskerA minute agoI work in a law firm and you'd have no condition to sue her. She is posting nothing false about you. She did post a chat log that you guys had. Also, she would have a case against dudeman for posting "why must you be suck a whore".

    • Lol you posted on the wrong answer

  • did anyone else report 'dudeman'?

  • ive seen a few but I do tend to insult the creeps it kinda annoys me, and for the anonymous post that quoted all your comments, you answered a question dosn't mean you should be pm all the time, oh and I'm pretty sure looking for all your past comments counts as stalking, just saying.im sure there is a way of blocking people. I bet I get blocked a lot now.

    • I work in a law firm and you'd have no condition to sue her. She is posting nothing false about you. She did post a chat log that you guys had. Also, she would have a case against dudeman for posting "why must you be suck a whore".

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    • He wrote this below. lol.dudemanSuck your moms d***

    • I did mean she sue him sorry if it came out wrong.hey dude man f*** off nobody actually cares what your input is just f*** off and play with traffic or something.

  • dudeman:because she's a creepand she doesn't get itso I'm being super creepyjust to be annoying11:37amthehandthatrocks:she didn't write anything about you...11:38amdudeman:soshe herself is a creep11:38amthehandthatrocks:how? she didn't write anything about you...11:38amdudeman:its like when a black girl won't date a black guy

  • this is epic!

  • k the complaining needs to stop, seriously. I'm tired of it too but..all you're doing is making it worse by complaining..and yes girls do it too

  • Girls get attention so easily. No fair.

  • I ask myself that everyday that I chose to log on to this site. It's not going to stop me from answering questions with knowledge that I have. It's the internet, social deviants run wild on the internet because they can hide behind a computer. It's as simple as that. I suggest if someone is bothering you, you just block them or report them. You shouldn't allow social deviants to ruin your experience on this site.

  • If strangers are PMing you, make your profile private.

    • Thanks :)

  • IGNORE or BLOCK! Don't give a fk about such guys.

    • Thanks :)the one guy keeps posting on here.

    • He does seem like a tool

  • dudeman:whateverhow does that make you creepy10:14ammaybe she's retartedthis is a site to ask people questions10:15amyou can't claim creep if you answer sexual questionsand people ask you to elaboratethats just stupidand childishNenhry:loloviously your a creep

    • LOL.. holy sh*t... he did!!! what a creeeeep

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    • I don't know how he can keep denying the fact that he's dumb as a f***ing rock when it's told to him everyday. He just thinks he's ablert f***ing enstein and the rest of us are morons.

    • The funniest thing is that he is never mentioned. yet he's going around harrassing everyone on here.

  • I am sure all the creeps that message you will answer here.

  • Cause and effect...Q: Tips for swallowing?You answered: Just open your mouth and swallow the gravy. Take it all that thickness down.Q: Have any of you ladies gotten a facial?You answered: YesQ: Swallowing after a blowjob? Do you ladies enjoy doing it?You answered: Yup, loves it.Q: How kinky are/would you be?You answered: I'm pretty kinky, like border line crazy. That being said THERE ARE things I won't try... I won't get into golden showers or the like.Q: Ladies, what is your best physical feature?You answered: Boobs. Make them smaller :(I am not saying you're not allowed to answer questions, that's what this site is for after all, but you seem to only answer the very sexual questions. What demographic is trolling these types of questions looking to get their rocks off? Creepy guys. It just goes with the territory. Add that with your answers being of the type to "inspire" these creeps and you have photos of yourself in your profile and you start getting all sorts messaging you.If you do not like receiving these creepy messages then you could consider answering anonymously. You can also report people that send you sexually explicit messages and/or block them.

    • It doesn't matter. You have no right to message someone out of the blue and ask them sexual stuff without advising them of it. This is why there are warnings about offensive material on television.

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    • Fuck off

    • The only reason why theyre are creeps on here is because they added the chat option. messages allow for it too. simply put your profile on private if you don't want this to happen. I've said it before. STOP COMPLAINING and fix it

What Girls Said 6

  • Answering questions of sexual nature, and then having creepy guys messaging you kind of comes with the territory. Sucks you can't just answer questions and have people leave you alone, haha, but eh.. how it goes. Also, answering a question and people asking you to elaborate is different than "hey baby, my **** is so hard rite now thinking of you blahblahblah"If you get your jollies from that type of stuff, that's fine. No reason to message me telling me about it.

    • I agree with you... you shouldn't have to worry if creeps are going to message you

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    • He's obviously proving it.

    • I think he's proving himself to be a bigger one than smith. Who is the all-time creep on GaG. They had to ban him.

  • Welcome to the internet :)

  • yeah, but that's why you have to be careful.if you put things out there on the internet like your sexual experiences, then pervs are going to take it as a 'go sign' and think that you'd be willing to talk about things like that with them.regardless, you're still going to get creeps on here,all you can really do is block them

  • creepy guys shouldn't be messaging you regardless

    • Does it ever make you said that you are retarded

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    • Does it ever make you sad that you can't seem to spell AT ALL?

    • Wow this guy is epically stalkerish

  • THANK YOU!ThankyouthankyouthankyouSorry to burst some bubbles,but answering sexual questions does NOT give someone the right to harass them nor is it an invitation.I understand,I do answer sexual questions and I'm sometimes very honest,but I can actually help(contrary to belief) and that does not mean "MESSAGE ME"I get constantly harassed by guys messaging me telling me that they want to f*ck me,go down on me do this and that to me and asking if I'll have cybersex with them etc.The guys on here defending those guys,making excuses and blaming it on US,are more than likely the same guys who do it.I notice most of them tend to be Indian

    • You seriously been harassed? I can't imagine it

    • Yep...I don't like it though

    • Woohoo you go girl! hi-5

  • The internet has all kinds of people on it. It's not a safe private space where you can choose who will try to interact with you. If someone makes you feel uncomfortable, ignore them or block them. You'll only encourage them if you kick up a fuss.

    • Sometimes it makes me sad. I was born without a lower jaw and I learned how to spell phonetlically and it messes things up.

    • Sure sure

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