I think I want to get raped?

Lately (past few months, especially after a breakup), I have felt these urges to be raped, yes full on raped, by some scary men (yes multiple) who will sexually abuse me, and beat me.

I know this is sick, but I can't help it...

What can I do!?


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  • Not sick at all, very common. Just do it smart.

    Like kinkynconfused says: safe, sane, consensual. Establish trust and boundaries. Talk this out with the kinkiest friend you have; they might know some guys responsible and sensitive enough to pull this off.

    Consider this: what distinguishes a rape fantasy from a rape is that the control is inverted; when you're being "raped" in a fantasy rape scenario, you can turn it on and off. You are, paradoxically, the person in power, the guide and initiator, whose consent is constantly sought. It's the very *opposite* of rape, which is why it can be erotic.

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      It is sick to want to be raped. But as someone previously said, she doesn't want rape. Just a role play kinda thing