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Do women find men with body hair attractive?

Do women find men with body hair attractive?

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  • Definitely!

    of course!

    I like my man to look like one!

    I know that most girls might be into the whole waxed chest thing, and that's fine, but I kinda like a little hair too, you know! LOL!

    but, at the end of the day, its not what really matters, cause whether he has body hair or not says absolutely nothing about the way he'll treat me,and that, my friend is what's really important to me!

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  • cant say I do to be honest I find it a bit disgusting I don't mind hairy legs but on your stomach and chest and back sorry that's a no no for me

  • overall no. if its just a "happy trail" then yes. if its all over and gets in the way, no.

  • i prefer men who aren't very hairy! not that I want him to shave or wax his chest/back - I am just not attracted to really hairy men.

  • Personally no. But I'm talking about excessive. Back hair is a big turn off and so is anything abnormal. I have seen guys with thick hair on the tops of their shoulders. Ewe. If you got it keep it trimmed please.

  • Absolutely. As long you're not as hairy as a gorilla. haha. My boyfriend has a bit of chest hair and I think it's sexy. It reminds me that he's a manly man and that is who I want. Not some prepubescent pretty boy. ;)

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