Is He Just Using Me?

A few weeks ago, I started going on dates with a guy that I really, really like. We have good conversations and crack each other up. We hang out most days, or spend the day texting. I decided to go ahead and sleep with him before we had made it official (we agreed on a "test" month then we'd talk about it), and the sex is fantastic!

I told my friend about what was going on, and she immediately said I was getting used. I've been played a lot (never slept with the guy before though, this is the first time), and now I'm worried she's right! I talked to the guy about it, and he said he doesn't think he's using me, he just feels really comfortable around me, and loves hanging out with me.

But my friend says he's lying, and just wants sex, and I'm in for a really big hurt for being a whore.

What do you guys think?


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  • Sorry sweet your being used you better you find out now rather than later,i will say that from past experience that sleeping with with someone is like a quick high for a smoker or a quick buzz for a drinker it feels good for a mintue then you left feeling empty. I can only speak from a guys point of view but I know sex for females is a lot more emotional than and your feelings are tied to this one act of giving yourself to a guy or girl is important you have to decide if he worth sticking with if you feel that he not and you really without a shadow of a doubt believe he is using you then by all means bump his ass


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  • I think it depends on who initiated the sex first. My girlfriend and I had sex after being together for a week, but she was the one who initiated it. There is no reason to think that he is using you if you were the one who initiated sex in the first place, or if it was initiated mutually.

  • Go with what you feel not what your friend says. If the guy isn't playing you now he is thinking you're crazy for accusing him of it, all because of you listening to your friend. Unless there is some evidence that this guy moves really quick between women there is no need to assume he is a player.


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  • Trust your insticts. A lot of men will use you for sex, don't let it happen to you.