Is He Just Using Me?

A few weeks ago, I started going on dates with a guy that I really, really like. We have good conversations and crack each other up. We hang out most days, or spend the day texting. I decided to go ahead and sleep with him before we had made it official (we agreed on a "test" month then we'd talk... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • Sorry sweet your being used you better you find out now rather than later,i will say that from past experience that sleeping with with someone is like a quick high for a smoker or a quick buzz for a drinker it feels good for a mintue then you left feeling empty. I can only speak from a guys point of view but I know sex for females is a lot more emotional than and your feelings are tied to this one act of giving yourself to a guy or girl is important you have to decide if he worth sticking with if you feel that he not and you really without a shadow of a doubt believe he is using you then by all means bump his ass