Where was the craziest place you ever masturbated?

where was the most craziest place you ever masturbated?


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  • Myself.

    Sadly recently (you'd think I should know better!) semi drunk whilst at a mates house. We were watching "Dead or Alive" and I said something like "damn this will be great wank material." My mate's girlfriend said jokingly "well why wait". I replied I didn't have anything to 'catch it; with. She threw me a tea towel and.. well... you can guess the rest.

    My GF.

    Michelle knows the fine art of masturbation via PC muscles, so is more than able to get herself of in all sorts of places. Driving, at a restaurant, in lectures at uni, at the movies, at work. The weirdest of all though would have to be when she was at home. Why? Because the phone rang and she answered it, and carried on with a conversation to her brother all whist still going at it. What's weirder still she said she didn't really want to but she was so far gone she 'had to continue'.

    Yeah, she's a bit weird at times.


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  • In a crosssing from England to France on a ferry, it was the middle of the night and no-one was about, I couldn't sleep so wondered out to the deck, and well the rest is obvious

  • When I was a mates place, his hot cousin (female by the way) and I masturbated on the top bunk above her. Bed was a tad squeaky but she probably didn't notice.

  • At a friends house.

  • in my headmasters study I was told to wait in there while he got somethig so I had a wank and cam on her chair and all ove her desk.

    when she came back she started to write something and her pen ran out so she got a pencl of her desk with my cumm on it and was writing then stopped to think and had the pencil in her mouth

  • During the middle of an AP English test. There were a couple of hot girls and one was wearing a tiny skirt and I got a good look at her pussy so I just went at it. Luckily I was in the back of the room. It didn't help that the teacher was hot as hell too.I got to see her in a thong a couple of times too.

  • i jacked off naked for my girlfriend in a secluded forest, she loved it, I thought it was kind of wild as well

  • in the mountains... on a bike-tour

  • School toilets

  • i'm 16 years old and masturbate about 4 times a week

    i'm a soccer player. I play club and on my school team and one time, after a winning game, the whole team was in the locker room and we were all excited and showering off then changing, and a couple guys had boners while showering.

    naturally we were washing up and some guys had enough balls--no pun intended--to try and wank it.

    he got so into it soon everyone was watching, and pretty soon, doing.

    the whole had a wank after the game, together.

    i've also masturbated during a sleep over when I was sleeping in my friend's older sister's room

  • In a stall in the girls bathroom . I nearly got caught!

  • On stage, behind the podium, while addressing several hundred women.

  • in the middle of the street. I lost a bet.


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  • At a party in front of a bunch of friends

    • Did they watch you or were you hidden?

    • They got to watch, but others were doing it also so it wasn't like I was the main attraction

  • At a LAN party. I really don't know why except probably the fact I was the only girl among 18 people didn't help at all. (LAN party is just where a lot of people bring down their computers and gaming systems to one house and game it on). No body noticed. I think.

  • On the couch when I was 14 and my older brother was on a chair and we were watching TV but it looked like he fell asleep, He woke up just as I was cumming so I had to try hard and lay still. It was cold so I had a blanket over me and I got my pj's all wet. lol!

    • So what got you sooo turned on that you just went at it?

    • The movie on tv was very sexy.. well it was a dvd that my brother had rented and it was an "R"and this couple were doing stuff. lol.

  • When I was like 11, in a bed that I shared with my sister(no homo, no incest, lol). It was while she was sleeping.

    • That's still a little creepy. And I bet has probably fueled a few fantasies now for other readers on here.

    • Actually no. I was on the floor next to the bed actually now that I think about it.

  • at camp when I was about 14, in my bed. I was very discreet, and there were like 26 other girls there. nobody knew! I also know a boy who masturbated on a balcony over a crowded beach.just imagine the person who the sperm landed on!

  • o god. on the bus on the way home from a track meet. it was like 2 in the morning. looking back I don't know why I did it lol

    • How did you manage to pulloff/get away with that what did you do

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    • Why would you have your track meet that late?

    • Are you kidding? Track meets go on for hours. We'd probably leave around 4 or 5... wouldn't get back until 2 in the morning, some times.