Where was the craziest place you ever masturbated?

where was the most craziest place you ever masturbated?


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  • Myself.

    Sadly recently (you'd think I should know better!) semi drunk whilst at a mates house. We were watching "Dead or Alive" and I said something like "damn this will be great wank material." My mate's girlfriend said jokingly "well why wait". I replied I didn't have anything to 'catch it; with. She threw me a tea towel and.. well... you can guess the rest.

    My GF.

    Michelle knows the fine art of masturbation via PC muscles, so is more than able to get herself of in all sorts of places. Driving, at a restaurant, in lectures at uni, at the movies, at work. The weirdest of all though would have to be when she was at home. Why? Because the phone rang and she answered it, and carried on with a conversation to her brother all whist still going at it. What's weirder still she said she didn't really want to but she was so far gone she 'had to continue'.

    Yeah, she's a bit weird at times.