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Girls have you ever fooled done anything sexual with any of your friends?

male or female friends and what have you done. made out, fingered, oral sex, intercourse etc

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  • I have oral sex which includes fingering and using toys with several of my girlfriends and I have had and will again had intercourse with guy friends.

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  • Well, I hang out with a lot of very open-minded people, so I've at least made out with most of them, and had sex with a number of them (both male and female).

  • I'm pretty open to whatever so if the other person is down, I'm willing. I've been with both guy friends and girl friends. Done everything a normal straight or gay couple would do.

  • Thats disgusting. One of the many rules between "US" girls is never mess with friends. Things will never be the same

  • male friendsallof the above

    female friends all but sex

    • sweet! same here! a friend and I blew our guy friends then after they were done they went down on us :-)

  • ive deffinately made out with all my close guy friends at one point or another.

  • not with friends

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