How to properly sext my guy..

I want to send my guy a really sexy message without sounding stupid. We were apart for a few days and now I'm on my period so we still can't have sex. I want to send him a message saying how much I am going to attack him as soon as I can. Is that a good idea and what exactly can I say to make him really excited?


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  • say what you would if he was lying in bed with you and you were in the mood.NO NUDES! doesn't matter how much you trust the guy sending him nudes probably won't be just him seeing them. (not saying he would do that but it's just a precaution).

  • say whatever you want as long as it isn't nasty like a turn off say something that you know for sure he will really be looking forward too and plus he's a guy so I'm sure anything will work

    • i want you or an I need you is fine and then just go from there about how your thoughts about you and him are just driving you crazy and you can't wait to make him feel like the luckiest guy in the world and then sure enough he will say something right back that will make you feel even better but just relax and speak from your heart by the way the first thing you said was fine too

    • Okay... Like:"The moment we can be together again, you're coming over. Because I am going crazy right now."Or would a simple "I want you." suffice?

    • ok say something but not too me just say it outloud in typing and ill tell you if I would be turned off by it or not and then you'll get an idea of what kind of things you should be saying

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