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I just lost my vcard

to a guy I barely knew ... and don't really care about..what do I do?

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  • I don't see you as a slut. I don't think you should go around lying that your still a virgin.I think you shouldn't put your v-card up so high. It's just sex, and yeah it may suck your not a virgin now. But hey life goes on, so just move on...It's just sex.. and you can't undo the past.

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  • If was good, call him back. If it wasn't, don't.

  • Check for the piece of paper on you back that has "slut" written on it.

    • Having sex with one person doesn't make you a slut.

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    • That's not entirely true but I'm gonna argue over an internet forum (especially here) ;)

    • Thank you Levin.

  • Keep it to yourself and do not label yourself as a non-virgin. It he gossips, tell everyone he is lying. Start over as a practicing virgin and don't do this "stupid" thing (no insult intended) again. Save it for someone you love next time.

What Girls Said 6

  • Well dear, there isn't much you CAN do. Get to know him or don't talk to him anymore; either way you can't undo losing your virginity.

  • You make it sound like it was not consensual sex. Did he force himself on you? If you wanted to lose your virginity, then I guess any guy will do... However, if you wanted a "relationship" with this guy, perhaps you should have been friends first. Whatever the case, you are now "de-flowered" and think about it; if you lived to be 100 as a virgin, the Mortician would eventually bust your cherry. LMAO

  • move on.

  • If you don't care just move on. Find someone you like. You can't get your vcard back anyway.

  • If you don't really care about him why would you call him? Just move it's not like you can go back and redo it.

  • Learn from the experience and move on.

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