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How can I pimp myself out online?

What is the best website I can join? I want to meet men at hotels and such.

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  • Are you sure you want to start online? The first time you meet this guy will be alone in a hotel room. Remember, if you're in the US, then if he kicks you to sleep and stiffs you, there will be no calling the cops. And if you do, you're the one being arrested.

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  • thats f***ing nuts. first of all its just not a safe business, second of all you definitely can't do it with out a pimp...if the dude just doesn't pay u, what are you gunna do?! fight him? call the cops?

  • lol. Post yourself on craigslist.

  • if you did craigslist you will get false spam mails to join some website to meet them. Personal experience.

  • Dude, just go to a bar and pick up guys there. It can be safer than meeting a person beforehand.

  • That's very dangerous. If you're not arrested in a heartbeat, you'll meet some psycho who will harm or kill you. Go on eccie.net and/or midnightlive.net and contact a well known escort Get yourself tutored in the safe way to become an escort.

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