Torture? For fun? what to do

OK so me and my boyfriend do a lot of foreplay because we both said no sex till we get married so we have done everything till we stopped at sex...One thing we just got into was foreplay torture what happens is I strap him in a chair then kiss him all over and he loves to be slapped so I slap him but I was wondering guys what else could I do to make sure he love it?

and girls what have you done to your boyfriends?


Most Helpful Girl

  • It seems like your boyfriend likes to be a little dominated.

    Try to bite his neck (softly) and run your tounge around his ear giving him kisses as you move around the neck. Put your hands on his hair (both of them) and just kiss him passionately. Start kissing his chest softly and in a playful way,( you should sip on some hot tea before you do that so your mouth and tounge are hot,that would feel extremely good) and work your way down to the crotch area (make sure you do it sensually and glance at him eversooften) then what you decide to do from there is your choice.

    Give him a strip tease, that would really turn him on without even touching him.


What Guys Said 2

  • Vary the sensations. If you look around you with a dirty eye, I'm sure you'll find a field of objects that you can scratch, slap, poke, stroke, and tickle him with. Be creative. Experiment.

    Also: blindfold.

  • easy, if he asks for something, don't let him have it...yet... make him beg for it.


What Girls Said 3

  • Tickle his testicles with a feather or something like that. Will drive him crazy

  • Take your pants off so that he can see the target area. Stroke his p-nis very lightly and gently until he is getting excited, then stop. Put oil on his p-nis and lower yourself onto it so that he penetrates you by one inch or so, then pull away. Wait two or three minutes, then go back to the stroking.