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Girls, do you like shaved balls/c0ck?

I always wondered if it was OK to shave my di.ck and balls before I have sex with a girl. So what do you prefer?

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  • Vote A Yes, I love smooth balls.
  • Vote B No, I'm into bigfoot balls.
  • Vote C Neither, I like nicely trimmed.

Most Helpful Opinion

  • when he shaves it's so much cleaner and makes me want to go down on his so much more

    • Wow, I'm gonna shave right now!

    • haha my ex shaved his d*** and when he did it made it look so much better and I gave him head all the time he didnt' even have to ask 4 it I would just start to suck him off

    • omg, stop, you're making me bust a nut just reading that

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