I went naked on cam for my Internet boyfriend who I never seen on cam.

What shall I do? Please help! I am a girl who is about to get married this year with my boyfriend who I love so much. But something has keep... Show More

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  • He probably wasn't who or what he said he was. What's done is done, and beating yourself up about it now is not going to help matters. I guess it's possible that he recorded you, although more likely he was just using you at that exact moment. I know that the thought of your body and sexuality being posted on the Internet is horrific, but there is honestly nothing you can do, so calm down a bit. On the plus side, you sound pretty religious right now, so isn't it reasonable that your fiancee shouldn't be looking at p*rn, and therefore would never have the opportunity to stumble upon your potential videos?

    I think that if this bothers you so much, and it would bother me as well, so you're not alone, you need to talk to your boyfriend. It might help to confide in a non-judgmental third party first, if you're that upset, like a priest. You shouldn't start your marriage off based on lies. I know this is daunting and much easier said than done, but he deserves to know just as much as you deserve to have a clear conscience. Make sure you emphasize your feelings. If he loves you, you can make him understand and forgive you. Good luck.