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Can straight girls enjoy kissing their girlfriends without feeling any sexual attraction?

I'm curious about this. I've been told by a straight girl that she enjoys kissing (including french kissing) her girlfriend though she also mentions... Show More

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  • not for me no

    • thanks for your answer. Do you mean you don't kiss girls at all or you do but you are also sexually attracted to them?

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    • Look, my answer is I WILL NOT KISS A GIRL! loool that's it

    • haha yeah I got that part, thanks!

What Girls Said 3

  • For me it's true, I enjoy kissing,hugging or cuddeling with my girlfriends without feeling any sexual attraction. I never french kissed a girl though, but I could imagine it'd be nice but it's just not like kissing a man.

    • did you experiment as a little girl?

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    • If I may,

      I don't think men and women really relate differently to kissing. Kissing a guy turns me on, as I guess it turn straight guys on to kiss a girl. And kissing a girl I'd don't feel anything and I guess if you were kissing another guy you wouldn't feel anything either. But most guys never kiss another guy because they don't want to look gay

    • So, I'd guess you do it because it's a way to share affection and feeling good and in your case you can kiss for loving reason or sexual reason depending on the person you kiss. Personally I can't. To me kissing is very intimate and an expression of affection AND sexual attraction. Because of this I'd never be able to kiss a guy as I have zero attraction toward guys. That's why I was saying we might relate differently to kissing. I can't dissociate the two aspects while you can. Interesting!

  • i've kissed girls before, but it's more like an experimental thing. I didn't feel any attraction for her

    • Thanks for your contribution !

What Guys Said 3

  • I think feelings are involved..

    • Yes feelings are involved indeed. That's what she tells me, loving, affectionate feelings, but no sexual attraction.

  • No girls I've seen do it for attention and they are not attracted to each other.

    • Sure I agree with you there, sometimes it's used to attract guys attention and that's a whole different topic. I'm more focusing on Straight girls that genuinely want to kiss another girl and what she feels when doing so. Thanks for your contribution though!

    • Well if she's straight it does nothing for her if she gets turned on then she's bi or bi curious.

  • B.S. They get turned on. Their soft, pink lips pressed up against each other, curious tongues exploring each other, gentle moans of pleasure, heaving breasts brushing each other...oh god, excuse me I have to go!

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