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Can guys give out sperm if he's not hard?

just wondering

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  • Yes, absolutely. A guy can even ejaculate without being hard. That is the reason you never have a guy inside of you period unless you are protected in some way.

    According to the Quodoushka tradition there are different types of orgasms and ejaculations and one of them includes being soft. I think it is pretty rare in our society because we typically don't think we are able to and probably stop, but I have had a soft-on and ejaculated. It wasn't completely soft, but wouldn't have been considered hard either.

What Guys Said 5

  • oh hell yes.

  • um.yes.

  • I think it would be hard to ejaculate, but yeah, guy's have something called "pre-cum".

  • yes they can cause you just come sometimes even when the dick is not hard, sometimes it just happens.

    • How would a girl know if it happened????

    • The thing would come out of the penis, I mean the white liquid. If it was while they are having intercourse then she would feel the flow.

    • Does that help?

What Girls Said 2


    The stuff doesn't hide you would know. At min it would be enough to fill a teaspoon

    If he still has his clothes on you probably wouldn't know.

    If his little guy was out in the open you would know!

  • Yeah, they can. I've had it happen when a guy was drunk and couldn't keep it up.

    • How do you know if he let sperm out????

    • You see a white liquid or feel it.

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