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Why does my period blood smell really sweet?

This is a weird question but my last few periods the blood smells sickly sweet almost like honey. Is anyone else like this? I don't even have a sweet... Show More

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  • Are you sure that its not an iron smile that is just more stronger than usual? That is unusual but without a doctor doing tests you can't fully know what the real cause is. I suggest drinking a lot of cranberry juice because that helps clean you out. Also make sure your iron levels are high by eating things filled with iron like spinach, steak, leafy veggies, etc. If I was you I'd do all of those things then I'd wait til my next period to see if its still the same smell. Periods are pretty irregular when it comes to flow and color as well as smell so it could just be something that is happening for this cycle.

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  • A sickly sweet smell? I was just about to ask this question myself! I thought I was the only one! So far I haven't found a good answer though... :(

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