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Can you have anal during period?

me and my boyfriend want to have anal sex while I'm on my period using a tampon. I don't mind but I'm a little worried because I think that the... Show More

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  • I find anal so repugnant that I recommend, instead, that you lay down a dark towel and have vaginal. Its a time you can use no condom, your sexual responses will be good and it can actually speed up your period and relieve cramps. The downside is that it will look a bit like a crime scene afterward. Some of my best f*cking took place on red days.

    • i want to try it but my boyfriend is a little concern...u know he's nervous that maybe it won't be good for me, for my health etc because I'm sensitive when it comes to health issues

What Guys Said 3

  • My girlfriend has severe cramps during her period but we can do anal. Only do anal if you currently enjoy it though.

  • It will stay in place, just watch that his d***k doesn't shove the string up your a$$

What Girls Said 2

  • Yes you can.

  • Depends on the position you use, but you should probably be fine, I've done it before and had no problems.Another possible alternative is the shower, you won't even really need a tampon in that case.

    • oh, ok! when in bed, what position would you suggest so as not to get messy?