Pictures of your vajaja...?

My boy is crazy into sexting, which I am neither crazy for it or against is ( even if it is "illegal" which is stupid) anyways I want to do something special for him and he has always wanted me to send him a picture from down below, I have never done this and not sure how I feel about it, and would have NO clue how do even do it... lol I know I sound stupid but I am new to this whole type of thing. I do shave ( though I am getting a Hollywood wax for him next week!) what do I do?


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  • ok first of all, as long as you are not sure if you really want to do this, then DON'T!

    How to take a pic of down below? The best is without your face or anything else that could show whos it is. Even if you don't think he'd do that, but there is a website of ex-girlfriends...naked, giving a blow job, videos of them having sex etc... if you don't want to end up on one of these websites ...dont share a pic of you naked! That's the best way to avoid it!

    (Even if he wouldn't do it...maybe this pic ends up in the wrong hands and that person would do it!)

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      thanks! any ideas what I could do for him that would be different. I mean I really want to do something special for him. I don't really care to do it, not like I haven't sent him nude pictures before, its just I don't really know how to go about it... ya know?

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      never done that either... (because of the reason that I would not end up on one of these sites lol) but I'd say 1. shower/ bath.. however you should be clean 2. you could start of with a slip on 3. next day with a thong 4. next day with a hand in front? 5. next day with something else in front? ... a toy (for bday maybe a bow?)? I don't know 6. naked... so he kind of gets a treasure hunt thing lol... it would be fun before his on his bday he gets you :)