How can you tell if a guy is circumcised or not?

I know its the foreskin been removed, but visually, what does it look like? what is the diff?

thank you


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  • It looks like the illustration silverwings posted. Basically, if the man has to roll back a piece of skin to reveal the head of the penis, he has not been circumcised. In my experience almost all American men are circumsized. The only uncircumsized men I have met were eastern European

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      To say Eastern Europe is probably creating a wrong picture. I believe it is the norm for any European (or civilized country for that sake) to leave the genitals of their male descendants unharmed. Especially since there's no reason to cut off a piece. Only religions seem to have a strange obsession with genital mutilation of defenseless babies.

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      Actually 80% of the world are uncircumcised

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      I was just saying from my own d*** experiences the uncircumsized ones were Russian. Not generalizing...just my own experiences