Calling all dirty girls. Ladies what is the dirtiest/ kinky thing you have you done with your man or woman?

just wondering if there are as kinky of ladys out there as there are men


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  • i do kinky things but I have to admit its mostly for him. he is the kinky one and I will be kinky because I know he gets really turned on, and the thing I get off on most is knowing that he is really loving it, not so much that I'm turned on loads by kinky things. I could live without it to be perfectly honest. to answer what the things are: role plays and bondage type stuff. I'm sure there are very kinky women out their but personally inside I wish he wasn't so kinky - not that ill ever let on to him, I love him after all!

    • Even if you continue to do the stuff for him he should at least know how you feel about it.

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