Do girls like watching guys pleasure themselves?

Do girls like watching guys pleasure themselves? What if they "catch" them doing it while the guy is alone - like you enter an unlocked batchroom and... Show More

oops --- does not let me continue as anonymous. Do I look like a fool now? :(
Interesting perspective. This is almost like an eye-opener for me. You are right - it is "sex drive". I wonder what causes it. Sometimes ... like really sometimes... once in a blue moon, if I put on a movie that is steamy, it works. But not always.

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  • I like watching him...just like he likes watching me =)

    • Hmmm... well, THAT's fair. :)

      When you do it, do you go all the way or do you just start till he gets excited and jumps on you? :) I just ask as I am trying to determine why mine is so close-minded about it.

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    • I too enjoyed & will keep that in that I know who you truly are..hahhaha! j/k! its all good! Take care as well!

    • Not funnnnny ! LOL !