Do girls like watching guys pleasure themselves?

Do girls like watching guys pleasure themselves? What if they "catch" them doing it while the guy is alone - like you enter an unlocked batchroom and you catch him. How would you feel.

On the other hand, have you ever wanted your guy to make himself come by using his own hands?

oops --- does not let me continue as anonymous. Do I look like a fool now? :(
Interesting perspective. This is almost like an eye-opener for me. You are right - it is "sex drive". I wonder what causes it. Sometimes ... like really sometimes... once in a blue moon, if I put on a movie that is steamy, it works. But not always.

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  • I like watching him...just like he likes watching me =)

    • Not funnnnny ! LOL !

    • I too enjoyed & will keep that in that I know who you truly are..hahhaha! j/k! its all good! Take care as well!

    • Yes, it was one heck of a conversation. Loved it. Thanks... for all the good advice and tips. If you ever need any words from me in return, hit me up here. Message or Friends' list, whichever you prefer. Take care.

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