How to ask your parents (mom) for birth control?

I'm 17 years old, and have been with my boyfriend for about 5 months. I've had sex before, but this time I want to make sure I'm as safe as possible. My parents are very overprotective, and they both know I've already had sex... I just don't know how to ask for birth control :/

- If I say it's for my monthly cramps, they'll just assume I'll take advantage of the pill and sleep around (I don't have sex often; my parents just think things because I was the first to lose my virginity out of all my siblings).

- If I'm truthful and say it's because I want to have safe sex, I know they'll give me the pill, but they'll also try their hardest to keep me away from my boyfriend.

I'm clueless - and out of ideas. I need advice.


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  • Just say you want to have it in case because you have a boyfriend and I've done it before. They should understand. That's what has worked for me. Good luck!


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  • You don't ask your folks, you ask your doc.

    Say it's for the cramps; it could possibly be true, so it's a comfortable lie for your folks to believe.

  • They already know you're doing it...

    Your parents, although old, are not stupid. They know how sex goes. They know once you pop the fun don't stop. They probably know you are still having sex with your boyfriend. If they let you see him now, then they will let you see him after they ask as well. Just be honest.

  • they don't have free clinics that give out (sh*tty)condoms and birth control? I'm from a small town in louisiana and we even had that!. But you are right, they may agree & give it to you but restrict your time with him. This will not impede and sexual progress though, This only creates innovation.

    • There are clinics, but you have to have your parents consent for birth control if you're under 18...

  • Are you married, if not you should not be having sex anyways.

    • OMG what year is it helloooo 2011 not 1911

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    • ok well whatever I will judge if people deserve it.

    • Obviously I want to have safe sex, which is being responsible on my part. If you're happy with who you're with and know there's possibilities to be with them in the long run, it should be that person's decision to have sex or not. I do agree that people should wait until they think it's the right person, but waiting until marriage puts a label on sex and rushes most young couples to get married... Then people wonder why the divorce rates are so high.

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  • I think the embarrassment of telling your parents you are pregnant will FAR out weigh the embarrassment of asking your Mom to put you on the pill. Do you have any friends who have become pregnant in their teens, ask them if they could go back and make the choice over which they would have opted for. Just saying...

  • If I were your mother, I'd have put you on the pill when I found out you were sexually active. But since my parents are also protective, I know where you're coming from. Still, I think it's a good idea to ask. In all fairness they can't actually STOP you from seeing your boyfriend and whether they like it or not they have to let you live your life. Ask them this; would they prefare if you got pregnant at 17? The alternative is always worse than just having casual safe sex.

  • I got on the pill when I got to college. I asked my Mom if she was OK with me getting it (I was originally going to get it behind her back but I was told it would show up on the insurance anyway and figured it was better if I just told her). I told her it was mostly to get my period under control because it had a mind of its own and I was just honest with her. At the time there had been rumors of girls getting raped on campus (which may or may not have been true) and I wanted to be safe just in case something like that happened to me or if I did wind up having sex. She never told my Dad because she knew he'd flip out but she was OK with it. Just be honest with her and tell her why you want it. It has done wonders for my period though, I haven't had sex in awhile so it's nice to know I'm not on it for nothing.