How to ask your parents (mom) for birth control?

I'm 17 years old, and have been with my boyfriend for about 5 months. I've had sex before, but this time I want to make sure I'm as safe as possible. My parents are very overprotective, and they both know I've already had sex... I just don't know how to ask for birth control :/

- If I say it's for my monthly cramps, they'll just assume I'll take advantage of the pill and sleep around (I don't have sex often; my parents just think things because I was the first to lose my virginity out of all my siblings).

- If I'm truthful and say it's because I want to have safe sex, I know they'll give me the pill, but they'll also try their hardest to keep me away from my boyfriend.

I'm clueless - and out of ideas. I need advice.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just say you want to have it in case because you have a boyfriend and I've done it before. They should understand. That's what has worked for me. Good luck!