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Should girls wax their vaginas? I personally do, but a lot of my girlfriend don't!

what do guys prefer?

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  • I don't mind so long as its groomed. Shaved or landing strip, I suppose.

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  • Just make sure the hair won't get in my mouth. It gets annoying and I won't be able to please the lady, so it is for your own good :P

  • i mean, as long as it's at least trimmed and not a magical forest where fairies and giraffes live, then I don't care so much

  • This reminds me of Karate kid. Wax on, wax off...

    Anyway, I don't really mind either way unless she has a jungle down there.

  • I like me a clean shaven vagina. I sometimes get lost in the bush finding the clit and labias after too much alcohol

    • ahhaahhaha

  • If you've got a girlfriend why do care what guys think

  • Shaved clean, but with a nicely groomed landing strip or similar.

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