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Tell me what you think is the sexiest thing about yourself.

...and about me ahaha just kidding but seriously what do you find the most sexiest about yourself?

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  • umm I don't know I think I have a nice ass and nicely shaped boobies. But hmm I don't know I guess the whole package :D

What Guys Said 11

  • I guess I would go with my personality. I don't know really what directions this is supposed to go in.

  • Nothing! I'm a product of some exceedingly poor breeding.

  • Nothing that I have discovered thus far.

  • You are absolutely gorgeous! I'd cross the border for you with chocolates and passion if you would allow it!

    Back to the topic at hand. I used to have the Black Mans Booty! Now I rely on personality and my eyes

  • My eyes. I have gorgeous eyes.

  • hmm probably my eyes or abs

  • Eye. eyebrows, face, body

    • just the one eye? ;)

    • LMAO. I meant "eyes" whoops. but yeah that one too. lol

  • My eyes and lips are all I got going for me if I had to choose. lol

  • My stomach! Society has glorified the cut abs look. Especially the lower side abdominals (obliques) that run a firm muscle line down into my jeans on either side of my hip bone and straight down too...

  • Eyes, hands, lips and maybe the fact that I'm slim. Yeah maybe I don't have rippling abs like other guys but f*ck it, I love the I look.

  • Hair. I have no clue what to say for this.

What Girls Said 12

  • The fact that I can deep throat.

    • you just got my thumbs up ;)

  • I think my ass, its nice and not too big.

  • Ooh, nice to think good things about myself... My long legs, they always get nice comments. I like my eyes, and my hair when it's long (I just had a haircut I hate) is sexy because it's thick and an unusual colour!

  • I don't really know.

    Possibly my boobs because they're big. I've been told I have a nice smile too.

  • My confidence (not cockiness lol) and well other things 2 lol

  • My eyes or my boobs lol.

  • hair...legs too

  • my lips :)

  • have been told I have pretty eyes and lips ...i also like my hips and butt.

  • my eyes! and my boobs lol

  • eyes or abs

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