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How can you tell if you're dating a gay/bi guy?

I have a consistent fear that every guy I date is secretly gay. If a guy doesn't go down on me, or doesn't always try to have sex, I assume he is... Show More

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  • look from a bi guy I do act sensitive toward women but I don't act gay or bi but your probably just overeacting.You said it youself you like that kind of guy so what do you think?And with the situation of him not looking at your boobs and what not he's just being more or less respectful toward you you know?

What Girls Said 1

  • I have no clue. I'm not in the same spot as you, but I do know that I'm not attracted to them at all. Even if I happened to be married to one, I would still divorce because our sex life would plummet.

    I'm NOT attracted to them. There is one guy that I have an interest in who is truly bisexual (finally admitted). And though I keep going back and forth about whether I like him or not, I realize that it would never work anyway BECAUSE he's bisexual.

    I hope your guy isn't bi for your sake. :)

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