Why can't he get an erection?

he finds me unnatractive? Okay, so I could see and feel that he was hard while we were kissing, but once we got our clothes off he was no longer hard. I went down on him and he got hard again and stayed that way throughout sex. We had sex again about half an hour later and he was not hard then either. After I sucked on him a bit he was hard again. We are in our 30's.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Guys can have problems getting or keeping an erection for lots of reasons.

    By rolling around in bed with you he's proved that he thinks you're attractive, so we can eliminate that possibility.

    And he was able to have intercourse, so he _can_ maintain an erection.

    There are tons of other reasons he might sometimes have trouble: stress, anxiety, embarrassment,

    alcohol, drugs, fatigue. Sometimes guys don't know why they can't get hard.

    If it happens occasionally, it's not a big problem.

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