How often do guys get boners without women knowing?

like in public ,or with someone,or a group of ppl?


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  • To answer your question directly I'd say it happens a LOT! lol! Certainly more than girls realize because how would a girl know for sure unless they noticed a tent growing in his pants or a lot of unnecessary adjusting himself down there lol . Not that it happens real often, just that it happens more than they think. It depends on the situation the guy is in as far as other girls being around and how hot they're dressed and if they're being teasy/flirty and if that appeals to any guys that happen to be around. Guys are sexually stimulated visually much more than girls, maybe equal to how much girls are stimulated emotionally more than boys. Also, some guys are no doubt more open to that than others as they watch certain girls more closely. lol!.


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  • Lot it depends on the age. The younger they are the more often and the harder it is to control it. As we get older, we can prevent them and the urge usually isn't as much.

    It probably happens a lot. Pretty much if we get turned on and horny then it will go up. How often do you notice that we have one.

    • I always wondered how often DO they notice lol

    • To answer how often do we notice, well, barely ever for me, and my friends. I don't I mean, were not standing up with them a lot and when you are standing, were walking somewhere or something and you don't rly wanna look down there. It would b weird to do that.

  • with younger teenage guys it happens. But when they get older it doesn't happen. It takes a lot more to get a boner.

  • lmao great question for me I used to get them (back in like freshmen year & middle school) like 3 times a day for no reason. and about 7 times total

    But now probably once or twice without any reason, and 4-5 times total. It sucks to cause I can't stand up or everyone will notice.

  • well its not hard to get one at all

    you could just be sitting there and get one

    so the answer is ALOT

  • alot


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