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Erection during massage?

i went to a massage parlor and while getting a massage I got an erection and the masseuse smiled when I turned over. do think I should have said... Show More

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  • lol maybe a sorry.. some girls might think you are a slezzy horny little perv.. others my think it is flattering.. so you just never know the girl.. but since she miled I'd guys she thought it was funny

    • oh OK. it wasn't on purpose though and it wouldn't go away

    • im sure it wasn't on purpose but every girl might take it different ways

    • ok thank you

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  • Assuming this was a professional masseuse and not some girl at a shady rub 'n' tug, no, you shouldn't have said anything.

  • I think it depends on what kind of parlour this was if it was a genuine massage then I would have tryed to dettached the sexual feeling from it all togather.Now if your girlfriend was giving you a massage then that is diffrent and can lead to the both of you having a "happy ending"

  • Happy ending?

    • lol no nothing happened. se just continued with the massage. it felt a little weird though

  • Well, I give massages and honestly, I've seen it a lot. Don't worry about it. If she's a professional, she won't pay any mind.

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