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Why do girls throw tampons down the toilet?

I mean seriously? This girl came over last night and she freakin threw away her tampon in my freakin toilet and it got clogged. I will never talk to... Show More

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  • its made out of the same thing as bathroom tissues, and lets face it, when that sits in the garbage for a day - it starts to give off an odor. so flushing it down the toilet makes sense. not talking to her over that is just being a d***. BUT the wrapper goes in the trash, if it was the wrapper that clogged your toilet ... then she's just an idiot.

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  • YOU are suposed to flush the tampon its self down the toilet...its growss to leave tht stuff in the garbage...and for it to clogg the toilet well maybe your plumbing is bad...thts sumthing small an stupid to get mad over...what if you were married an your wife did tht...would you make her unclogg it or not talk to her...grow up it nature...

  • lol ,i don't know my sister does that and every time I go to my parents house my mom is bitching about it.Maybe it's a bad habit or they don't want to throw them in the trash because other people could see

  • My friend did that at the guy she likes house. She didn't want him to know she had her period, so she did the same thing your lady friend did. Apparently having your period is embarrassing, but clogging his toilet is worse. lol Its a stupid move, but she might have been embarrassed. My friend wasn't invited over again after that. XD

  • You're not suppose to, she's an idiot. I would of made her unclog it.

  • only the actual tampon part should go in the toileti usually throw mine in the toilet because I have two dogs that sometimes get into the garbage if I put a used tampon in therehahah gross, but true

  • Do you mean tampons or pads, because there is a difference. Tampons (not the wrapper or applicator) are supposed to be flushed down the toilet. Pads are not.

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  • do you have a bin in your bathroom she could have put it in instead? cos if not short of coming out bathroom holding it in her hands and asking where your bin what did you expect her to do!

  • LOL good call...

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