Are there any girls on this site who want to or did stay virgins until marriage?

i guess guys can stay virgins until marriage too, but I've never met one in real life who wanted to.

living in a highly sexualized society where hooking up is the norm, keeping a purity promise to yourself is difficult. when I was with my boyfriends I wanted to give in to my urges sometimes, but I knew I had to stay strong. remaining pure is the right decision for me.

are there any other girls who feel this way? how do you stay strong and deal with guys who try to make you break your promise?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Hi luv. Yes I want to stay as a virgin until marriage. And yes, I feel the same way as you do because my boyfriend have had sex with his exes before, and I told him that I don't wanna have sex before marriage. I love him a lot and sometimes, I really just wanna give in, not because he forced me into it, but I felt a strong connection between us.

    A few ways that helped me is when I'm in a situation by which I'm feeling so, I kept reminding myself the reasons why I don't want to have sex; the thought that once I've done it, there's no turning back; and if I'm not ready, don't do it, because I do not want to involve others in the aftermath of having sex should things go wrong. And I genuinely hold on to this believe (based on observation) that if a guy really respects you decision, we won't push you into it. He may have the urge, but once you say no, and explain that you don't want anyone, including yourself to be involved with complicated matters should things go wrong due to having sex together, he'll stop. Anything further is a nono and by any means is not the right guy.

    Stay focused, just like how you stay focused in playing sports. Hope this helps! x