What are some things to say to a girl to make them horny/wet instantly?

Just curious if you even can..


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  • Oh, you totally can. But the mood has to be right, too. Well... yeah, I guess it totally depends on the situation/mood.


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  • waht to say is not key , what kind of the girl is a problem.

  • Tell her what you would like to do to her...talk dirty. I like to bent over his knees or a on a table with my a** up while he spanks and fingers me to an orgasm...I love dominance from a guy!(not all the time)

  • It's definitely possible to make a girl horny instantly. But lubrication usually takes a little while to happen. It's a slower process than getting an erection for guys. Sometimes no matter how turned on I am, it's a while before I get wet.


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  • I have a 10 inch penis