How to do well in bed?

I was wondering what would some good tips would be for great sex.


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  • hmm. well, as a girl, I can tell you it is very important for the guy to ENJOY what he's doing. for example, if he looks up from giving the girl oral and has this "god, are you done yet?" look on his face, it totally ruins the moment.

    also, a lot of guys underestimate the power of compliments. most girls will be at least a little embarrassed about being seen without their clothes, so a few reassuring comments of "wow, you look hot," or "you have great legs" or something goes a long way.

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      Nice tips :) for me I say, just enjoy and do the things that makes ur partner happy talk ask her encourage her to direct you to what she loves. exploring also is a great thing for you both, its like a journey for you both to get more intimate :)