Why do guys think girls need to wash their vagina's better if it has a smell?

Seriously you need to learn about vagina's better if you think like that! Soap will NOT fix the problem! it will only make things worse.

If a girl uses soap to clean her vagina it will more then likely give her an infection. The vagina is actually a very clean body part, it has 1000's of good bacteria in it which keeps it clean and healthy naturally. If you use soap or perfumes it will just kill the good bacteria, and you'll either get a yeast infection or Bacterial Vaginosis. I'm sick of guys saying you need to clean your vagina with soap if it smells and to prepare for oral. Because you should NEVER do that. Warm water is the only thing you should clean with down there, the good bacteria will do the rest.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I agree completely. I would never make a girl feel bad about her genitals.

    To be fair though, most women think the same thing about a guy's foreskin. It's not any more "dirty" than the vagina is. And just like the vagina, it too keeps itself clean and should not be washed with soap.