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Girls, how do you feel when you know a guy is aroused by you?

OK, so of course I know if you are in a relationship its good to know that you turn on your partner. But what if it's "just a friend"... or someone... Show More

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  • But what if it's "just a friend"... or someone you are flirting a bit with but not serious about... or even a stranger? Are you disgusted at the idea he is turned on, or are you still satisfied with yourself at least a little bit for doing it?


    I don't have to see guys turned on by me to be pleased with my appearance.

    And, if you know a guy is turned on, but you have no intention of giving him "relief," how do you feel about his frustration? Guilty? Excited? Don't care?

    Don't care.

    Excited I can understand sexual energy is contagious but guilty?

    So every girl should be giving herself to any guy who wants her?

    There's no reason to even feel bad (not guilty) for the guy he can wank off.

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