If you are born with male and female parts which gender are you?

I heard about this one person that was born with both male and female parts. I guess you could call them a hermaphrodite I guess that's what they call them. Well since the baby was born with male and female parts the parents basically got to choose which gender it would be. So they chose a boy so... Show More

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  • well, technically "gender" is the state of mind that determines what sex a person identifies with, and as far as I know, it isn't connected to what kind of sex organs the person is born with. I think that it is a potentially damaging thing for a child to be raised as the gender that they don't identify with- self esteem issues, damaged emotional development, etc. that must have been a tough choice for the parents. in their situation, I think I would have left the baby as it was born, and waited until it was older (demonstrating a preference for predominantly male or female characteristics) to decide. though, that said, a choice would have to be made before too long to avoid hormonal problems for the child later in life. I don't know if they can fix that kind of thing with hormone therapy? interesting question, I kind of want to look into that now.