What are the chances of getting pregnant when a condom with spermicide breaks??

He stopped during he thought it was leaking and when he pulled out it was so obviously it must have leaked inside of me. Will the spermicide kill all the sperm?


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  • were you ovulating?

    • Well I google it and it don't think it was. I found an ovulation calendar online and it says that my last day of being fertile was was the day b4 the condom broke...

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    • Also (and I'm not trying to be mean), you should probably not have sex until you understand more about your body and how it works, meaning your ovulation cycle. I was taught that at 13 by my mother. I can tell when I'm ovulating just by my mood and vaginal mucus alone. I've gotten so good with practice that I don't use birth control anymore. You should probably look into it.

    • I'm 22 but I understand your point. Thanku.


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  • Did you orgasm afterwards? Cause that increases the chances. Hopefully he was bad in bed.


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  • Was the spermicide on the condom (like a condom with spermicidal lube), or was it separate and placed at your cervix? If the first, the spermicide will do virtually nothing. But actual spermicide that is inserted at your cervix tends to be something like 75% effective. I'm not sure if that applies to use by itself or use with a sponge/ cervical cap/ etc.

    If you really don't want to get pregnant, you should take an emergency contraceptive pill. You can get it from a drugstore for around $40 and from clinics like Planned Parenthood, I believe for a smaller price and sometimes for free.

    • the spermicide was on the condom-like it came that way...

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    • Most spermicide works by creating a barrier that kills sperm that come into contact with it, blocking off your cervix from the majority of them. But the think layer of spermicide that comes on a condom won't come into contact with very many sperm, especially if the condom broke.

    • thin layer on a condom*

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    It seems to just depend on whether you use it as directed.

    The chances are low, but as always, still possible :P