Fat/plump p**** lips :( how bad?

That's how my ex described em :( he meant it in a good way but I'm reli self conscious about them, always have been! basically like it sounds like, my outer lips are kind of big/plump is this bad :(

i hear a lot of guys say they don't like a girls inner lips to be too big, is it the same for outer ones? Honest comments please xx


Most Helpful Guy

  • Would I be unhappy about a nice big soft target for my hard c0ck? Uh. . . no! I'd probably spend a minute or so rubbing my d*ck against the soft outside and teasing your clit with it before pushing in to the balls and grinding against your pussy.

    Yeah, it's fine!


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  • Like all "body issue" answers, it's something far more girls worry about than guys.

    Yes, a small percentage of guys might not like them, and a similar percentage will want nothing BUT girls like you. The vast majority will like them any way they are, and not care strongly either way.

    The women I've been with have been all over the map in this area (and most other areas), and I liked them all.

    The differences are what makes sex fun and exciting.

  • Its hot.

  • no, sounds like you have cute lil' pussy. Besides even if it is ugly it still feels great.

  • I love them! More cushion for the pushin.

  • I myself find a fatter, juicier pair of p**** lips VERY VERY HOT! I don't know what it is about them, but they really turn me on. I think it's just because I know that the p**** is going to be tighter and will feel a LOT better. Your "so called" problem is actually a gift! lol, Don't worry about it sweetie, I know a lot of guys that Love bigger lips. All my friends do anyways. lol


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  • I have a fat p****y too...and I'm small...5'3", 118lbs...tight but fat lips. It was actually my first question on here...turns out its a turn on! I think...I'm starting to love my lips. ;-)