Guys, is it true you can figure out a man's d*** size by the shoe size he wears?

what is one way you can figure out about man's d*** size without sleeping with him? just

i heard about shoe size and I don't know if it is true?


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  • It's not always true. I know there are guys with bigger feet than myself and smaller penises. There have been studies on this and some failed to find a connection while others found that there was. It's just random. In short, I would say that it is not possible to determine.


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  • no

  • shoe size means nothing. you'll only know by seeing it.

  • not ony man's d*** size, girls too

  • nope.

  • you got to be jokeing right his shoe size never usualy thumb and pinky extended away from each other will give estemated erection size

    • Woot! That means I'm 9 inches. A better way to determine (though it has no actual credibility) is to extend your pointer and thumb away from each other in an "L" and measure the tips.

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    • loll how do you measure the thumb thing? you measure the index finger and thumb of a guy?

    • Woaah, badass. My extended thumb and pinky is the size of my foot, and pretty much the size of my d***. I think that's just coincidence though

  • Pixie's method is as inaccurate as foot size.

  • no, not true, I wear size 10 1/2 and I'm only average.

  • Their is no correlation between a guys shoe size and d*** size.

    A guy can have small shoes size and a large penis & vice versa.

    I have a small shoes size I'm only size 11 but my d*** is above average. (Proof on my adult space)

    Same goes with height as well, I'm also not that tall only 5' 9"

  • I don't go around looking at guys' d***s, but in my case, I think it's true. I have size 13-14 feet and girls tell me my d*** is a little bigger than average.

  • I'm 5'7", my shoe size is European 40 aka USA 7, and my penis is 6.7 inches, which is fairly above average.

    As you can see, there is absolutely no correlation.

  • I would say the women are more knowledgeable than men on this subject, I never wandered about this particular one.

    if it could help, I ware size 12, and condoms are quite uncomfortable the biggest size are too tight.

  • LOL what? no!

  • I would say there is some correlation but not always. Like I have met guys that have size 14 and his was tiny. The index to thumb is more accurate in my opinion at least in my case don't know for other guys.

    • index to thumb? lol I just want to know how to figure out a man's d*** size without sleeping with him!

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    • yep so if he is hard and you put it side by side it is aproximately the same, I am a bit curved so I might be a bit longer overall but base of penis to tip is the same as tip of thumb to tip of index finger.

    • lol great thanks=)

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  • what is one way you can figure out about man's d*** size without sleeping with him?

    Find how long the tip of your middle finger is to your wrist.

    That way you'll know if a guy is above/below a certain length.

    Do this when you put the condom on him if he doesn't measure up just bail out (don't sleep with him)

    • How is it inaccurate? it's called measuring.

      When you measure you have something to measure with.

      If you know your length is 7 inches then any guy who doesn't reach your wrist isn't 7 inches.

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    • What's there to object? People shouldn't have to sleep with people they don't find appealing.

    • haha I can vouch for this one, you are right!

  • I just ask them to show me instead of guessing myself.

  • haha I wouldn't know about that but I wouldn't have thought it was true :D

  • haha, I wouldn't be surprised. the human body is pretty well proportioned