Guys, is it true you can figure out a man's d*** size by the shoe size he wears?

what is one way you can figure out about man's d*** size without sleeping with him? just

i heard about shoe size and I don't know if it is true?


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  • It's not always true. I know there are guys with bigger feet than myself and smaller penises. There have been studies on this and some failed to find a connection while others found that there was. It's just random. In short, I would say that it is not possible to determine.

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  • no

  • shoe size means nothing. you'll only know by seeing it.

  • not ony man's d*** size, girls too

  • nope.

  • you got to be jokeing right his shoe size never usualy thumb and pinky extended away from each other will give estemated erection size

    • Woot! That means I'm 9 inches. A better way to determine (though it has no actual credibility) is to extend your pointer and thumb away from each other in an "L" and measure the tips.

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    • loll how do you measure the thumb thing? you measure the index finger and thumb of a guy?

    • Woaah, badass. My extended thumb and pinky is the size of my foot, and pretty much the size of my d***. I think that's just coincidence though

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  • what is one way you can figure out about man's d*** size without sleeping with him?

    Find how long the tip of your middle finger is to your wrist.

    That way you'll know if a guy is above/below a certain length.

    Do this when you put the condom on him if he doesn't measure up just bail out (don't sleep with him)

    • How is it inaccurate? it's called measuring.

      When you measure you have something to measure with.

      If you know your length is 7 inches then any guy who doesn't reach your wrist isn't 7 inches.

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    • What's there to object? People shouldn't have to sleep with people they don't find appealing.

    • haha I can vouch for this one, you are right!

  • I just ask them to show me instead of guessing myself.

  • haha I wouldn't know about that but I wouldn't have thought it was true :D

  • haha, I wouldn't be surprised. the human body is pretty well proportioned