Girls - Would you kiss a guy with your mouth full of his come?

I have been having a recurring fantasy about filling a girls mouth full of my own come and then french kissing her and letting it go all over my lips, tongue and down my throat in a wet sloppy french kiss. I am straight and would never have another guys come in my mouth, but would love to do this with my own come. Girls would you think this weird or would you love to do it? Please give details and reasons for or against it.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly your fantasy is normal, probably a lot less weird then what most men could concoct when it comes to sex, there is some sick people out there who could come up with a lot more grotesque ideas then simply kissing a girl with your come in her mouth. People shouldn't be so easily prude, please don’t let others make you feel like what you are thinking is wrong. Personally I have never thought of doing this with a man but if you find a girl who is equally as open about her sexuality, then hell you could get away with it. I mean It doesn’t seem that foul to me, kind of kinky. I might say if I was caught up in the moment I might do it if my man was okay with it, but I never figured a guy would be.