Why do girls even bother to make an effort?

I can understand if you want to feel pretty just for you, but why bother when trying to get a guy? I mean you don't even have to be attractive to get laid. I mean look at how guys usually look when they go out. 9 times out of ten they look a mess. Why do girls pretty themselves up and spend countless hours trying to impress usually unattractive guys? I don't understand. I'm a plain jane as most would say and every time I go to a bar, their is always these girls all prettied up and I can't fathom why. I mean whenever a guy comes up to them 9 times out of ten they reject. But that's where I come in see once the guy gets rejected I come in woo him buy him a drink, get him liquored up good, then take him to my place and f*** his brains out. afterward he needs to leave before I call the police. But the question why bother making an effort, don't you realize you're a women. You're the one with the pussy. If you see a cute guy just grab one and go. Hell why bother taking all that time?

Is this cause you all want to feel special? Me I just want to get laid. So girls why make the effort?


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  • The psychology of it is that girls feel more threatened and insecure around girls that are hotter than them than how nervous they are around a hot guy. So yeah it's just girls competing with each other for attention. Good strategy to get guys by the way, very smart :)

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      Thanks for best answer!

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      no prob