Why do girls even bother to make an effort?

I can understand if you want to feel pretty just for you, but why bother when trying to get a guy? I mean you don't even have to be attractive to get laid. I mean look at how guys usually look when they go out. 9 times out of ten they look a mess. Why do girls pretty themselves up and spend countless hours trying to impress usually unattractive guys? I don't understand. I'm a plain jane as most would say and every time I go to a bar, their is always these girls all prettied up and I can't fathom why. I mean whenever a guy comes up to them 9 times out of ten they reject. But that's where I come in see once the guy gets rejected I come in woo him buy him a drink, get him liquored up good, then take him to my place and f*** his brains out. afterward he needs to leave before I call the police. But the question why bother making an effort, don't you realize you're a women. You're the one with the pussy. If you see a cute guy just grab one and go. Hell why bother taking all that time?

Is this cause you all want to feel special? Me I just want to get laid. So girls why make the effort?


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  • The psychology of it is that girls feel more threatened and insecure around girls that are hotter than them than how nervous they are around a hot guy. So yeah it's just girls competing with each other for attention. Good strategy to get guys by the way, very smart :)


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  • Attention... that's the whole gist of it. Girls like attention. At least a lot of girls do. I certainly never made the effort in the past, unless I knew she was down to earth and actually looked like she was pleasant enough to talk to. A conceited girl though, is always easy to spot. And a dime a dozen.

  • If all you want is to get laid, then no, you can find dirty, messy guys willing to f*** you. If you want to find yourself a charming and interesting young man to go on a date with, maybe you should dress up. <3

    • date? hellz no! well sometimes the one nighter will buy me some food, but that's all I want.

  • It's true, as a girl, you don't actually have to put effort into getting laid. They're competing for attention and for the hottest guys, not just "a guy".

  • couldn't agree

  • haha @ leave before I call the police. man you are wild. funny, but wild.

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  • A lot of girls feel the need to compete with other girls when it comes to their looks.

  • It is definitely a competition between girls... it's really disgusting actually! BUT it's not only that, women feel like their self worth relies on how pretty they are. Why? because everywhere we go we see the beautiful women being admired and treated well... they seem to be more respected (not real respect necessarily). Men will open doors for them, smile at them, and treat them "well". Other girls will look up to them, and wish to be like them... this is power. Women want to know that men are coming up to them or checking them out to assure themselves that they are "special" or better than the next girl because it means that they are a more worthwhile human being (or so some people think). That they are important and liked.

    For men, their self worth may rely more on money and status. Now what you were saying is that all you want to do is take the guy home and f*** his brains out.. so it's likely that money and status don't matter to you... well your attractiveness probably wasn't that important to him because all he wanted was to have you for one night. But let's pretend that the both of you wanted something more than one night, you may be more interested in what he does for a living and his ability to provide. On the flip side, if he was thinking about actually dating you, he may be a bit more concerned with your appearance. A one nighter means that you can get your fill of the opposite gender without caring at all about many things you would care about if you were to take it more seriously.

    But anyway, my main point here is that a woman cares about her appearance because she wants and needs to feel good about herself and that typically relies on how others are treating her. Women are social and are sensitive/sentimental people so naturally they want to be liked. Culture today is SO driven by appearance that even men are starting to worry more about how they look. And even though it's the worst now and days, we all know in the history of the world that a woman's beauty is incredibly profound!

  • LOL, this sounds like something a guy would post. I'm not in it just to get laid, so I think looking nice helps.