Do guys like grinding with girls in bed? (fully clothed)

While making out and the most you do is grind the girl..and she grind on you...also would you consider the girl slutty if she did that after just a couple of dates?


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  • Yes I like it. I actually have a fantasy about me being nude and her wearing only black pantyhose and grinding on her. Yes its different than your question I know

    • I love them there so sexy

    • What's with you and those pantyhose?

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  • I like it very much. Ans I would not consider her slutty if she did it after first date. Before ... that's slutty.

  • Called dry humping, and no it's not slutty if you both like each other and aren't f***ing loads of people and doing it

  • Yes we'd like that.

  • I like it fine, but I would't want to stay fully clothed for long.

  • Sounds awesome. I would love that.

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