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What is the best revenge for someone who broke your heart?

Two years iv felt like sh*t can't sleep properly or eat. She doesn't care she just used me as a f*** toy but I was in love with her and said she had... Show More

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  • I thought all guys wanted to be used as sex toys?

    Best revenge is moving on & being happy.

    Get another girl I doubt you really love her.

    • yeah it sounds good in theory but I didn't know it was happening to me. I thought I was in a real loving relationship.

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  • If you're still angry *two years* after the breakup, you're having trouble letting go. You need therapy more than you need revenge.

  • just be happy it's over, 2 thumbs up for you..at least you were true with your feelings..best not do anything to take revenge on her..she is digging her own grave..you'll never know when Karma kicks in for her actions..you felt bad because it's 100% cheating this means you have a good conscience, learn from this experience, but there is always someone better out there

    • Thanks man =)

  • Get good education and make many moneys. Buy lots of good things and find a nice smart girl who spend your money longtime.

  • If you could have her back now knowing what you know would you take her? No. So, just let her see how happy you are without her.

    • probably not.

  • ever hear of p*rn star punishment?

    • whats that?

    • go to link : / / www . brazzers . com and look for it. If that doesn't work, try hooking up with her mom. :)

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