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If a woman lets a man come in her mouth, she loves him?

If a woman lets a man come in her mouth, does that mean she really loves him?

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  • Love?I was just doing it to prevent messes.

    • So, out of dis-love for cleaning, not love for him? Hahaha

    • She loves her mouth filling, with his love-piss. She loves the love-p*ss but not the lover

    • You guys are making me never want to ingest it again...Hey man it's f***ing great for your teeth. Why do you think I've not had a cavity in like...6 years.Man juice.

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What Girls Said 7

  • It could just mean she enjoys having men go in her mouth. If she loves you, she'll tell you, so don't read too deeply into these sorts of things.

  • she wants to make you happy

  • I let a guy come in my mouth and I didn't love him... so no

  • Not necessarily. Just as some people only have sex with people they love, and others have sex without love. Different actions mean different things to different people.

  • It means she doesn't want a mess or have to bother spitting?

  • i had NO idea all those p*rnstars were in loveee, trueee loveeee

    • laugh

    • Does this mean you love me?

    • @cj: :D@god's plague upon this earth: wishful thinking. :p

What Guys Said 4

  • It means she enjoys men coming in her mouth

    • lol... simple and obvious and true

    • I wasn't going to bother with any sarcasm on this one, I thought it'd be a waste, tasteless.These 9 words speak many words

  • You sound like such a romantic guy, QA.

  • Yes true love

  • It's not just where it's expelled but where it ends up. Down her throat and all over her face, dripping down her chin, and over her breasts and p**** means she probably doesn't think you're too much of a loser. Might not anyway.

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