Why do you love abs?

girls what's so sexy about a guy's abs? what do you like about them?


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  • I just like how they feel and they just look nice lol. Um, it makes you think the guy is strong and girls (well I won't try to speak for all of us) but generally girls like guys who have this "protector" demeanor. So if they're bigger than you and look like they can protect yo and you feel safe with them, a lot of girls are attracted to that


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  • Haha it's about the same as why guys loves boobs/ass. Men love women for their curves, and women love men for their muscles. They're just sexy, I don't know what else to say about it.

  • Probably the same reason guys usually like a flat stomach on a girl. It looks sexy and nice and it is nice to touch. Someone who is in shape looks healthy and that is attractive.

  • I personally love them because it shows that the guy cares about himself enough to work out. I just love the way that they feel comforting. When I hug a guy with nice abs, I can feel them and they just feel comforting and protective. As if no matter what he will always protect me.

  • Sexy Abs...SexyTorso...Wonder what's down below...! If a guy has a barrel, we won't look twice to imagine what goes on down lower. And the way a great, strong, firm body feels is such a turn-on too!

    • you expect a muscular guy to be bigger down there?..

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    • are you black? makes sense to why you need a bigger key

    • I am caucasian...and if I was black I would pick the lock!

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  • It's hard to explain exactly why they're attractive, it's just like a really pleasing shape. Well sculpted muscles just make a guy seem like he can protect ya, and stuff. They feel pretty nice, too.

  • i'd like to know this too. And what is the big deal about a shirtless guy

    • mmmm... Have you seen Date night?

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    • Half naked man? Yes, please!

    • LOL it's funny to hear that. Most of the time we're told to cover up