Am I weird for being fascinated with guy to guy porn?

whats wrong with me? so I already thought I'm masochistic,i like to feel like a slave or my guy calls me "good taker" comes to sex,i have pretty good tolerance on pain (not bleeding type hehe) actually my cap of tea.then I thought I have bi or lesbian tendencies,(dont practice,bible thing first) plus I don't like girl to girl porn (weird) BUT I found myself browsing more on gay porn lately, how come? is there "orientation" for that? if I'm not straight.

before everything,i have been a good girlfriend and I do my part excellent as a girl and function like I should.(my man never complained bout nothing).


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  • I've heard of lots of weird kinks--bleeding pain is for some, believe it or not--but guy-on-guy porn isn't one of them.

    Don't sweat it.

    P.S.: Many bi chicks love Jesus. Think about it. Better, talk with one.

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      Heyy that's broad,make it clear little bit! hehe