Am I weird for being fascinated with guy to guy porn?

whats wrong with me? so I already thought I'm masochistic,i like to feel like a slave or my guy calls me "good taker" comes to sex,i have pretty good tolerance on pain (not bleeding type hehe) actually my cap of tea.then I thought I have bi or lesbian tendencies,(dont practice,bible thing first) plus I don't like girl to girl porn (weird) BUT I found myself browsing more on gay porn lately, how come? is there "orientation" for that? if I'm not straight.

before everything,i have been a good girlfriend and I do my part excellent as a girl and function like I should.(my man never complained bout nothing).


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  • I've heard of lots of weird kinks--bleeding pain is for some, believe it or not--but guy-on-guy porn isn't one of them.

    Don't sweat it.

    P.S.: Many bi chicks love Jesus. Think about it. Better, talk with one.

    • Heyy that's broad,make it clear little bit! hehe

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  • There's nothing wrong with you. You who you are and like what you like. I knew a girl who liked gay porn back in high school. Sure you're probably a minority, but there's nothing wrong with that.

  • nothings wrong with you. what's normal for some people isn't normal for the next person. what ever gets you off and what ever makes you feel good is right for you, but if you attracted to you man then your striaght. its just like guys always looking at lesbians I guess. although that usually creeps my out.

  • I think it can be fascination with a guy having power over an other. Yes I'm a guy and have look at some since I replied to a question of your earlier. I have been intrigued about it but will never ask a guy to f*** me, I had girlfriend that wanted to try them thing son me and some have. No I don't think it abnormal, it's what you want to look at and that's all.

    • Funny funny because my boyfriend don't wanna get me toy he's too scared for me to use it on him too..

  • I'm so glad to hear this! Most girls hate guy on guy but love lesbian porn! Most girls love lesbian porn too though! That doesn't make sense, guys should like lesbians and girls should like gay action!

  • i don't think there is anything wrong with you. I mean, guys watch girl on girl, nothing wrong for girls to watch guy on guy.

    • Thanks :) I'm lucky to have an understanding bf,he said the same..

  • me I like girl on girl , if you like gay porn it not weird . what's going on with you girl .LOL

    • Hahahha I've a lot on my mind..studying myself recently maybe :)

    • HAHAHHAHA , keep studying and let me know what the last result , LOL

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  • Nothing wron with it. As a matter of fact, type YAOI into google, and see what you pull up with. The Japanese are great artists. ;)

    And while you certainly only hear of it in closed rooms between one or two really good friends in many parts of the world, some areas do accept it. For example, in the US girl on girl is common for both sexes to watch, buy the opposite isn't. Yet, if you go to Asia, it is very common.

    And two guys, all sweaty and hot and together, well, it would turn me on!

    • Hahhaha that's funny,why the hell do we feel like that..and not to mention those guys on the videos are really attractive too..some of them just look manly..