Are austrian guys circumcised or not?

i used to live in austria and I was just woundering if most of the guy population is circumcised? :) thanks


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  • I'm not from Austria but it's quite reasonable to infer that they don't participate in circumcision since here in Europe our health policies are based on rational scientific evidence, rather than word of mouth and scaremongering claptrap.

    • (contrariwise to the JewSA)

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  • I used to know a girl from Australia who'd never seen an uncircumcised penis, and she wasn't no lil' catholic schoolgirl either, you get me?

    • what about austria :P

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    • thanks yeah :)

    • But certain people Hailed her Mary's, amirite?

      Lol, sorry I couldn't be of any first-hand help QA, although now I think you probably know volumes about my character and who I associate with, LOL

  • There's no circumcision at all in that place, except in some religious groups.


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  • no they do not circumcise. Im from there. (Well Jews do)