Good bj tips?

So I'm probably giving this guy a bj tomorrow. I've only done it once before in my life and well that one didn't go to well but I reallly want this one to be amazing for him like amazing mind blowing amazing. Keep in mind I have braces


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  • It's not going to be mind-blowing amazing because you have to have practice and suit the guy's preferences exactly. Watch this category in p*rn and learn from their technique.


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  • Google Jack's Blow Job guide its the first one on google ... this damn thing won't let me post links :(

  • This might be easy, explain to him you really want to suck him, but have no experience. Ask him to help you by telling you what feels good to him. That will likely be a big turn on for him.


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  • It probably sounds weird coming from a girl but watch some p*rno's, they have some that give you tips lol my friend and I watched some for fun and they actually are pretty legit haha. But when your doing it, use your hand at the base and slowly twist it up and down as you go, use your tongue, tease a little, like go down with it in your mouth (deep throat him if you can) then come up and lightly kiss from his balls up the base, to the head then run your tongue around the head and verrrry slowly bring your mouth back onto it, but make sure to be slow with it, the anticipation builds up all the sensation lol and then finish him off, tighten and loosen your hand as you go and find out what he prefers then finish off from there :) good luck <3

    • Oh nd eye contact! look at him while your doing it, my man loooves that ;)