I think my wife wants to f*** other guys.

I am the length of a dollar bill and as round as a toilet paper roll (tight). I don't think that is small but it's certainly not going to win any size awards. She won't let me f*** her in the ass. When I say that she says she'll let me after I let her f*** me (don' think so) in the ass with a... Show More

Wouldn't a women think of her man as less manly for wearing a strapon? I'm not the most manly guy in the world but I'm trying to hold onto the dignity I have. I picture me with a big strapon next to a clone of myself with a big C*ck. No comparison right?

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  • Its not the size of the dong, but the depth of the poonie you put it in mate! That's what me lady always says. Of course I is 36 centimeters long and thicker than a bloody coke bottle.

    But that's just life init?

    But I should add that I believe your totally missing a very important fact. The ladys generally don't even care about the size of a dong. I has boned 362 womens in me whole life- and counting init?LOL and I's can tell you with certainity that its all bout the romance. If you knows how to romance a lady, do long hours of foreplay while caressing her enitre bodie reall slow like, she'll eat you up alive. I's talkin full bodie massage, vaginal massage, g-spot etc. giving her goose bumps

    And more importantly the ladies love to talk, init? That's all part of the romance. So yous gotta listen reall well like. Or it at least pretend, init. Remember a word or phrase, and repeat it back to her, so she knows you's listening. That's all part of the foreplay, yeah? listenin, talking, touching.

    Get it straight, mate. Read up about the karma sutry, tantra, karazza, all that stuff. it ain't all nonsense.

    From one brother to another! Peace

    • You got it! You are one smart man!

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    • If makin love is an arte, I is picasso, init?