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As a bisexual female, how to I flirt with a woman?

I was at my city's Pride this past weekend. Usually, there aren't many femmes at the only lesbian bar in the gay neighborhood. But at the Pride... Show More

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  • Same eye contact, complimenting(hair, legs, breasts, face, ass etc.)as girls do that and it gives you a reason to maybe touch her hand or her arm

    Try talking to the group as they were all wearing the same thing so you could ask why, after conversation you can start talking to one a bit more or while asking questions respond positivelt to the girl to get her attention so you can talk more

    Sounds a bit risky but sayin something like 'i know my periods coming in a few days and I always get horny before it starts' or god my dress is itching like crazy I just want to pull it off'

    Look sexy not slutty so girls know your dtf

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  • Probably there's nothing you could have done. Speaking as a guy, chicken coops tend to be mostly cock-blockers determined to go home with each other or alone.

    For cute femmes generally, look for some sort of in. Queer femmes live in a small, small world, even in large cities. If you're good at making friends, chances are when you meet her that you'll know someone who can make an introductions. If you know someone who's good at introductions, be their friend and you're in everywhere.

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  • like you would flirt with a guy.. make small talk. compliment her..

    • I'm really shy and how to I make small talk? and how would I compliment her, they were all wearing the same thing... Nice tutu or nice leggings? It sounds stupid...

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    • Guys don't talk to me in the first place. They see me and think I'm a stuck up bitch... and I don't know what a guy would say to me. They have, but they, as in 40 year old and older black homeless guy trying to hit on me...I just don't know what to say...I freeze

    • you need to role play with a girl friend of yours.. she can tell you what to say and no to say

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